Nutrition Vitae is a proposal to approach nature in an integral way, going beyond just eating raw food, is an invitation to awaken with awareness and be part of a positive change in the world. For this we need to discover the principles of health, sustainability and harmony, which allow us to improve our relationship with ourselves and with the world of which we are part.


Going beyond eating raw food means that we believe in another way of understanding nutrition, where we recognize that we feed on everything that keeps us alive, available in the vital sources of energy in nature, such as conscious breathing, the energy of the sun, pure water, foods that generate and activate life (germinated seeds, sprouts, raw and organic vegetables).


We realize that the more we are building relationships with these sources that generate life energy, the more our bodies will be nurtured to generate health and well-being.


Live and vegan food includes a wide variety of vegetables that are prepared and consumed raw, with preparation techniques that preserve vitality, enzymes and other essential substances for balance, helping the body to recover and maintain health.


We know that ingestion of raw foods, in addition to ensuring a higher nutrient content, has an alkalizing and detoxifying effect on the body and helps to prevent, among others, chronic and degenerative diseases that have as their basic cause food toxicity and nutritional deficiency.