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Forest Communication:
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The Forest Communication agency is responsible for socio-environmental issues and, from the partnership with Raw Vitae, the opportunity has arisen to explore how common food practice can raise different questions about sustainability and well-being. The contact with Ananda and Yandra Bastos revealed the professionalism and disposition of the pair.

The teamwork resulted in the pilot episode on crudivorism “Sesame Milk – Live Food with Ananda Bastos”. The video finished in 2013 continues to arouse the interest of Internet users. So far, there have been 15,500 views with 313 tanned and diverse questions on Youtube.


Forest hopes to extend the partnership in the coming years by developing new audiovisual materials on recipes for healthy eating and living.

Roldão Junior
Proposta fantástica! Comida muito saudável e pelo jeito, uma delícia! Pena que não é aqui em Natal. Abração.

Nayde Fontes
Saúde perfeita!!!

Vanessa Schwab

As a nutritionist, I have always had a strong connection to food, but in spite of this, I felt that there was a gap between the nutrition I practiced and the one I wanted to practice.

In search of more knowledge, I took courses in natural food, macrobiotics, and Chinese diet therapy, until I came to Raw Vitae’s live cooking and superfood courses. This path, no doubt, has been and has been a great learning. With the courses, I learned that true food is simple, healthy, tasty, beautiful, conscious and sustainable.
Since then, I have started to include this information and recipes not only in my family’s life, but also in the services that I do as a nutritionist. Having a chance to spread live feeding to others and see how much they enjoy and benefit from it is really rewarding.
I am grateful for the opportunity to have learned from you that food besides nourishing the body needs to nourish the soul!

Edimilsonjuca Alves
Linda maravilhoza!

Rodrigo Verdun
Vida é amor e amor é vida….  Sucesso total!