Ananda Bastos

Raw Food Chef

I have a degree in Environmental Engineering with a Masters in Ecology, with experience working in several Environmental Organizations, in the lines of Sustainability, Conservation, Permaculture and Agroecology. Body and energy therapist. Passionate about the art of living cuisine and I have experience in cooking Vegan restaurants in California, U.S and Sydney, Australia.

In August 2018, I’m going to study some Live Gourmet Food courses at the Living Light Culinary Institute, California, which was honored as the best chef training school in the world. I am also an event producer and a second facilitator along with Ananda at the Raw Vitae workshops.

I and Ananda were created with natural and integral food and we had the privilege of taking a lot of river bathing, riding a lot on horseback and living with wild diversity of fruits, herbs, vegetables and animals in tropical regions of Brazil.

I have been a vegetarian for over 10 years and have become vegan for more than 5 years after doing a deep detoxification of live juices and coconut water. And since then, I have been feeling more vital and I try to constantly increase the percentage of Live Food in my diet, always giving preference to local, organic and sazoan products.

After studying deeply about my Doshas in traditional Ayurvedic medicine in India in early 2018, I started to include Ghee in my diet (which is a pure butter, since in preparation it removes the moisture, dairy and protein residues, leaving behind only part of the good butter fat), and I always consume Ghee handcrafted from happy cows, in order to lubricate my body. In addition, eventually consuming bee products like medicine such as honey, pollen and propolis. So, I do not consider myself to be totally Vegan anymore, the most important thing is to learn to feel what our body needs to remain healthy.

Yandra Bastos

Raw Food Expert

I am trained in Chinese Medicine with a technical specialty in acupuncture. For 12 years I have been practicing the art of living 100% Live Food with dedication and joy, enjoying the incredible benefits, health and well-being in every way. This naturally led me to improve each day more culinary techniques and share this art of living. I have had experience working in crudivorous restaurants in Argentina, California and Australia with experienced chefs. And consultancies for establishments in Brazil, such as Spas and restaurants.

I started to teach practical courses on Live Food since 2006 in Brazil, and from 2010 I started a partnership with nutritionist Soraya Terra Cury, author of Nutrition Vital, where we held several events together in Brasilia / Brazil and Thailand. In all, I taught about 30 courses in various cities in Brazil, and in the countries of Colombia, the United States, Thailand and Australia.

In partnership with Yandra, we also carry out various other services, such as retreats in nature, consultancies, participation with stand in festivals, factory of activated and dehydrated foods, buffets for parties such as weddings and birthdays.