Who are we:


We are a committed company with amazing challenges to create tasty, healthy and creative dishes. We have the mission of educating on the basis of living food, demonstrating that respect for the environment in all its forms is essential.

We work to spread global and ecological health in an abundant, joyful and loving way. We know that food has a fundamental impact on the environment and health, where food choices should be based on respect for the life and well-being of all living things.

We are a family business that was born spontaneously from the daily practice of Ananda Bastos to consume living foods and their choice of natural life. This lifestyle has aroused the curiosity of the people around them, encouraging Ananda to share their experience through hands-on workshops since 2010.

In 2011, her sister Yandra spent supporting the production of the courses. And in 2014, the two of them conceived the company Raw Vitae. Where “Vitae” means Life in Latin and “Raw” we are inspired by one of the great teachings of the Essenes which is the care of food and proper nutrition.

The Essene peoples lived apart from society in the desert of Palestine in deep connection with nature, following regular practices of fasting, living nourishment, prayer, and purification rituals. In this Essene path of purity, the soul has the potential to express itself in direct communion with the Divine.